Weekend in review

This week includes TGIF, my review of Taste Select wine bar is here on Austin Metro blogs.

Saturday I was up early and out for the Austin 70.3 course ride.
It's gone from zero to feast in a couple of weeks, we started with 15-people from the Austin Triathletes Meetup group including organizer Patrick, and anetmarie  and at least three others from Tri Zones Training. We left more or less on time, and with the stronger riders from the meetup group leading the way. At every turn, as promised, I went back and collected the folks that had dropped back, and then sprinted forward to make sure the lead group(s) knew where the next turn was. Before long we'd passed Monkey and were in Elgin for the only real rest stop.

After the restart and back onto the course a few of us pushed on at the front, even though I was only on my road bike, I felt good and do like my Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels, they are much more forgiving and flexible than my Zipps. Unless you want a pair of hard, stiff time trials wheels or ride on perfectly smooth roads the Carbones are just as fast and a lot more comfortable. After we'd gone back out onto FM1704 and turned into Balch, I turned and went back to collect the tale-enders, only I turned too quickly and by front wheel went under me, yep, a slow speed crash. No damage to the bike or my hands but I did collect a gash in my right leg from the big chain ring. We got everyone back together a bit further up Balch when we came across the Tri Zones SAG wagon. This was just after we'd been rushed by two fairly big dogs...

For the rest of the ride I pretty much stuck with the tail enders, occasionally sprinting forward to make sure the leaders knew where they were going. In addition to the two double yellow arrows that got there the day after I got lost, and have faded badly, there is also a newish white arrow at every turn on the course.

Just as we started going up Decker Lake Rd, I was riding along with Michelle complimenting her on doing her first ever ride over 48-miles, when my back tube and tire went. The worn down section of my tire from the recent derailuer incident had finally worn through and I'd got a flat. I calmly removed the tube and tire, put a new tube in and put the tire back with the hole right above the vale. Inside the tire and above the valve I placed a Dollar bill folded in four to stop the tube being punctured. Anyone that has done tire changes will know the most difficult part of the tire to remove is there, and so its the place where the tube, tire and dollar bill won't move.

While I was fixing the tire, a woman from a local house stopped voluntarily asked if I needed help and offered to go fetch some water. Thank you!! I pushed on after the restart and managed to catch Michelle just before the finish. I didn't run this week as I was cycling sunday. Total for Saturday, 64.08-miles, 4:12:44 ride time, average MPH 15.2

Saturday pm, Tune, Randy and I watched the Tour de France final TT, Tune was good enough to bring yummy BBQ and Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream. I had a desperate time staying awake though.

Saturday evening was diner at III Forks on Congress with good friends Nigel and Laurie. I have to say the company was great, the food was, well I've had better. I decided I wouldn't write a negative review for metblogs though since I know that III Forks is held in high esteem in certain circles, and they do sponsor KUT who I'm a great fan of. Maybe it was just an off-night ??

Late Saturday I was trawling through my spam folder looking for the reply to an email when I found a Livejournal message from effendi  - He was up to the Sunday ride out to New Braunfels. I desperately messaged him back and remembered you could send txt msgs through Livejournal but given it was nearly midnight, didn't expect to see him.

Sunday 6am came all too quickly. I woke when the alarm went off and yay, effendi had already called.
I hadn't had time to replace the tire on my road bike, so decided to take big red. I hadn't ridden it since The Rookie Triathlon about 8-weeks earlier. Not long after we set off it became apparent that yesterdays ride had on my legs. I was really struggling up South 1st. On the way down South 1st after the lights on Slaughter, it became apparent that it wasn't my legs that were the problem, I was having a hard time cycling as fast as Jay was freewheeling. When we stopped at the junction I checked my back wheel, and yes it was jammed on the brakes. Joy, 8-miles of un-needed hard work.

It was already hot, and the ride to New Braunfels was into the wind almost all the way. Just after we joined the Old San Antonio/Stage Coach Rd east of Mountain City, I hit a bump and one of my water bottles jumped out, I also lost my Garmin 305 from the bike mount. The Garmin split in two but after some remedial work this morning seems fine. I just have to re-glue it. If I remember what Jay said, it took us the best part of 3-hours to get to New Braunfels. I was reminded how lumpy the road was, and could really tell that the Zipps had no give, no forgiving.

We hung around down at the Rogue Womens Tri at Texas Ski Ranch, and then set off on the return. Its funny how my strength and my weaknesses come through when I'm tired. I really had no problem barrelling along at 22-25MPH on the flat, but dropped way back behind Jay on any climbs. Getting back into Austin I got caught at every light and split from Jay. When we got back to my place, we were 28-minutes quicker than on the way out. I think effendi said that we'd done 87-miles, in 5-hours, 7-minutes. Overall slowish ride, approx. 17MPH avg.

Total Distance for the w/e: 151-miles

Next up:
Monday GuppieMax swim at Hippie Hollow(meet at the Oasis 6.15pm); Tuesday pm, run in Central Park NY; Thursday Austin Meetup Group swim and run, Deep Eddy Pool; Friday-Saturday rest day; Sunday Jacks Generic Triathlon New Braunfels.
Holy crap that's a lot of cycling.

And just a little tip. I recently heard, and have switched to the strategy of putting your tire on starting from the side opposite the stem. That makes it so the stem part is the last part you're dealing with. The advantage is that the place where you started can sit 'lower' in the rim and so it's much easier to get the last of the tire on. I've tried both ways with my blackwell 50 clinchers (which are ABSURDLY hard to get on) and it's phenomenally easier to get them on if you end at the stem, and not start there. It was kind of a shocker to me.

AND, you should always have the label of the tire over the stem, not just where you have a hole. Sheesh. Sure it's a lot more clumsier to get the dollar bill to stick there, but then your bike doesn't look ridiculous (you know, because every bike whose labels aren't aligned with the stems look ridiculous). Take some pride in the details! ;)
Please, stems - We all know that us pure racers don't have stems on our Zipp 808 wheelsets... the valve extenders are removed by staff before they mount the wheels, when we get a puncture they drive alongside and replace the wheel... (I wish).
I appreciate having you check on us so many times during the ride. Now we all know it well and you can fly through next time! Thanks for mentioning Rita's sag stop - it wasn't really an official TriZones ride, she just happens to live out there and wanted to support us. We love Rita!

we missed you at GM swim tonight. The two ladies who "Accidentally" joined us last week (Renee and Maureen) decided to come with us instead of "Jimmy" cause they preferred our start/end location! it was a small crew tonight: Me, Kim, Danny, Susan, Leary and Maureen and Renee..

Central Park!?! have a great run!!!!
Re: Thanks!
Too many work things that didn't get done, didn't betty show up? She said she would...
well, she didn't ride down into the park with us. But as we were walking out, Danny at the end and I right in front of him, I heard a woman near the shore, still in the water, holler, "Mark? Mark?" and for a second I wondered if I knew her and I'll bet that was Betty.. I'm so sorry. But she didn't ride down with us so we didn't know to wait/look for her..