triman (triman) wrote,

28-hours in NYC

Highlights in bold.


(04:00 get-up)
(04:55 leave for Airport)
(06:38 board flight)
12:10 Arrive Lagaudria airport NYC
12:21 Get in Yellow cab, driver actually knows where to go
12:35 First sight of NYC Skyline from Brooklyn-Queens Expressway(BQE)
12:48 Exit BQE at Brooklyn Bridge
12:52 In restaurant to meet team for lunch
13:30 Old Foulton Salad with Chicken
14:30 Arrive customer office
15:00 Meeting starts, four of us there; three flew, one took 90-minute train, 2x customer in room, 4x on phone :-(
17:00 Meeting ends, no breaks
17:20 Jump in Yellow cab, "Penn Station please"
18:10 on rooftop bar opposite Madison Square Garden
19:00 Post busted Garmin at NYC Main US Post Office
19:12 E Train uptown
19:29 Check-in at DoubleTree Metropolitan, 51st and Lex
19:30 Manicure at hotel Spa, they stayed late for me
19:54 Changed into run gear, heading out of door
20:01 Arrive Central Park having run up Park and 5th Aves.
20:28 Finish 5k Central Park loop
20:30 Wander back down 5th Ave, stare in various shops, not sure Lyrca shorts and Texas Lone Star Tri shirt ideal shopping gear
20:50 Peanut M&Ms, Diet Ice Tea
21:15 Shower
21:35 in bed.
22:4... finally fell asleep


03:47 Woke up; didn't really get back to sleep
06:28 got up, can't sleep; no coffee, Diet Coke from mini-bar
07:15 Showered, shaved and out the room
07:35 grab croissant and coffee to go from Executive lounge
07:58 Subway, #6 Downtown
08:20 Arrive Union Square
08:35 Meet smw380 for breakfast at Wholefoods
09:48 Depart Wholefoods
09:50 Subway, #6 Uptown
09:58 Arrive 51St/Lex
10:00 in hotel spa for back wax
10:16 "double team" back wax over - that was a first...
10:30 More coffee from executive lounge
10:45 Back in room, re-shower
11:00 first conf call of day
11:35 Subway, #6 downtown
11:48 Arrive Brooklyn Bridge Station
11:50 Starbucks, Grande Carmel Frap lite
11:55 Settle down on bench in shade in Church grave yard for Conf.calls
14:05 Arrive customer office.
14:30 Waiting outside conf room
14:41 Meeting starts, good turnout of important peeps
16:05 Meeting wrap-up, worth the effort, no breaks, no food/drinks

16:15 climb in Limo to LGA
16:59 Arrive LGA
17:06 through security
17:30 Salad and Diet Pepsi
18:46 waiting, waiting, heard they were canceling flights at Dallas

Business travel sucks. Sure you get to go neat places. But even as an "executive" it's not like the old days when you are taken care of. Next week its back to Silicon Valley.
Tags: ny, travel
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