Getting home

For those that still think business travel is good, heres what happended after 28-hours in NY

19:34 Crew arrives for flight, plane been on gate for 90-mins
20:12 (approx) Flight leaves Gate at LGA
20:55 Flight leaves NY LGA
23:22 Flight arrives Dallas Gate C22
23:20 AA Ground crew close Austin flight at C17
23:25 I arrive Dallas Gate C17 for connecting flight
23:50 Austin flight actually leaves Gate C17
23:52 AA ground crew try to blame weather and our flight delay
00:00 Leave airport for Hertz
00:15 Arrive Hertz
00:30 Leave DFW in rental car with passenger who I've never met, apparently a consultant at HP
03:38 Arrive Round Rock, drop-off passenger
04:00 Arrive Home, entirely coincidentally the alarm went off from 48-hours earlier
04:15 Turn off light, sleep
07:00 Alarm goes off
07:38 Leave home
07:59 Arrive office for possibly most important meeting for rest of year

Have decided to write in strongest terms to A to complain about this. Have travelled over 2.5-million miles with them since getting treated in similar way by British Airways. I doubt I'll be taking connecting flights to NY anymore from Austin. Even when I make the connections, the flight from DFW gets in late, after midnight.
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