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Jacks Generic race report

Showed up early, got a parking spot  two rows back from transition, so easy walk to/from the car. Goal for this race was possibly AG top-5; back into T2 first, and finish before any of the women, who started 4-minutes behind our wave.

Met up with a few folks before the race. The racks for the 45+ guys were way at the back, as far as you could get from the bike in, bike out exit. I was set up and all set pretty quickly, just as I was walking out of transition, David Sing walked in. Oh well, there goes first place ;-)

Went back to the car and sat in the cool for a while; lathered up with sun protector and wandered down to the start area. Watched the pro race exit from the water, alkaloids had a decent swim. I lined up on the left of the field for the mass start, Men over 45+. As we started I could really smell a foul smell on the surface of the water at the Texas Ski Ranch. It was a reasonable start, our wave had split across the lake, although I did catch one guy who was having a problem holding a line, from that perspective, I did much better and kept pretty much point to point on the bouys. My swim though was a little slow, I'm really not sure what the cause of this is, since my pull is much stronger than it used to be. 500m in 10.02, only 7th in Age group and a full 4-minutes behind the leader.

I raced through transition, almost perfect. Even with the long run, I was out in 1-minute 15-seconds, 2nd in AG, and on to my bike, feet in shoes and heading up the first hill. Out on the bike I settled in pretty quickly, I didn't feel as strong as I'd expected, something to do with sleep or the lack of it over the past 2-nights. As we did the sharp turn on Francis Harris Rd. I got passed by first one, then two guys in my AG, which was disappointing, I tried pushing on and keeping with them, but was having problems shifting the from the small to big chain ring.  What did surprise me, was around mile-9 getting passed by Carla Uribe in the 24-29 Womens AG, she was flying. She'd made up most of the time difference between our waves on the swim, and although only 2-mins faster on the bike, that was enough. 13.8-miles in 43.03, 19.2 AVG MPH and a disappointing 10th in AG.

I finished the bike strong, had a great dismount and through transition, faster than T1, but out in 1:07 - 4th in AG.

Out on the run I worked as best as I could on "chi running". I went on Saturday to a Rogue session and will probably get some one on one coaching, it did feel pretty good leaning forward but I had a hard time keeping it up. As far as I can recall I was only passed by one person in my age group. Finished strong, as always its a fun place to race and a big crowd including many of the Austin Triathlon meetup group including Patrick and Gwen. Run was 27.33 for 3.1 miles, 14th AG.

Finished in 1:23:02, 9th in AG, 210th out of some 500 finishers including the pro's, 164th AG.

Tune was volunteering, as were my neighbors Nathan and KB. Paul and Adam from the meetup group were racing, Paul finished in an excellent 1:18 for his first season, a really good time! Annik and a few others were also racing and finished well!

Talked to alkaloids afterwards who was in buoyant mood, then it was off back to Austin for lunch with the meetup folks.

I never made one of my objectives. I was only 9th in my AG, and 7th out on the run, so I lost two places, I was also overtaken by another 3-women on the run. Blah...

Good day racing if a slightly disappointing result!

Full results here.
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