Next up - early warning

I went out yesterday afternoon having done all my chores and did a 5k run down to the trail, not a bad time given I did the triathlon in the morning, but hell my knees hurt afterwards. I have to head off to California for a couple of days on business. Am hoping to swim at Barton Springs later if word comes in from lynnivere otherwise it's Mabel Davis later.

Thursday: I think I'll do the Deep Eddy run and swim with the Austin Triathlon meetup crew
Friday: early a short run
7.30am Austin 70.3 bike course followed by 5k brick
Sunday: Not sure, probably a long ride with effendi

I think the rest of my race season will be:

8/17 Volunteer and swim at Austin Triathletes Open water swim
8/31 Nike 10k
9/1 Volunteer, Austin Triathlon
10/5 volunteer Austin 70.3 (outside chance I might race)
10/18 Texas State Champs, Olympic distance(not if I do Austin 70.3)
10/19 IBM 10k
11/23 Volunteer at IM Arizona
11/24 ....
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Looks like a great schedule!

Coordinating 4 teenagers & 3 adults over here.. & no where nearer to knowing when we're actually getting to Barton Springs today. *laughs*

Hope Mabel Davis is lovely!