triman (triman) wrote,

Training totals for july

Ala anetmarie and because I'm sat around waiting for a flight back to Austin from San Jose, having just had a great lunch with mojojoey.

Cycling: 475-miles, 28:07 hh:mm, 17MPH
Running: 57.5-miles, 8:52 hh:mm, 6.1MPH
Swimming: 11:45, 2:08 hh:mm, 1.8MPH

Net, net, no wonder my running and swimming are not really improving, not enough training or mileage on either. Strangely, I signed up for the Nike 10k at the end of the month, and the Austin Triathletes 2.4-mile open water swim... why ?
Tags: totals, training
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