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weekend review

We had a big crew out for yesterdays 70.3 ride, some 17-started, Tune, and Annik along with one other guy decided to cut short and do 32-miles and headed off once we got to the turn on Lockwood. We went on, I played sweeper for most of the ride, it's actually good fun being sweeper on training rides, you get to take it easy to go back and make sure the last person makes the next turn, and then sprint ahead to catch the others, or even right to the front.

At one stage while the group waited, I went back to get someone, turns out they were already with us, and when I'd gone about half mile down the road, I figured I should go back and tell the group to ride on, only to see the person I thought I was looking for.... d'oh.

As the ride wrapped up, I decided to try for a run, put on my shows and lead the group out on the road. I only managed about 3/4-mile before fading badly. I can't get to the bottom of this, its exactly the same feeling I experienced in the race last year, and it never happens in sprint or Olympic distance triathlons. I'm guessing its just prolonged exposure to high temps and having to drink so much fluids. Yesterday was around 99f when we went out for the run!

Sunday. This morning was a long run on the trail. I started with Philip and Guin, we soon split though, Philip was doing 17-miles, Guin 4, and I wanted to see how far I'd get. I managed a full 6.95-mile lap of Town Lake without any pain, I managed to finish strong, but I sweated a ton. I forgot to weigh myself before going out, but was 199lbs afterwards. I figure maybe 2lbs down this morning, only a 500ml drink while running and then another bottle afterwards.

Next up: Monday early swim, probably Deep Eddy; Tuesday RunFar Time Trial; Wednesday 5k run; Thursday swim(may make the meetup Deep Eddy swim but probably travelling); Friday day off; Saturday Austin 70.3 Course ride and run at race pace.
Tags: austin 70.3, training
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