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Yeah, Training day - Time Trials

Had a pro training day yesterday, didn't start so well with struggling to find my goggles for the Barton Springs swim, I managed to get there before whyiron set-off with the otherbaldmark. But it didn't last long, they dropped me before the diving board on the first length. I did 3-up and down lengths and set off for the 4th set, got dropped by the diving board, and just gave up, not very pro. Went home had cereal, took my 8am team call, and took a nap for an hour on the couch afterwards.

Late in the afternoon, I was again rushed to get to the RunFar Time Trials, as I'd taken an hour out in the morning, and I have some hot topics at work, I didn't leave the house until 5.50pm, again rushed, I hadn't even taken my bike out of the car since Saturdays 70.3 ride. I arrived, did a short loop for warm-up with Tune and then set off.

Conditions were pretty ideal, some headwind on the way out but not too much. I was doing the TT blind, no technology, so I had no idea how fast I was going on what my time was. I was surprised when Tune came riding by me after about 3-miles, on the uphill section I struggled to catch her. At the turnaround we were about 100m apart and as soon as I got into the big chain ring and started getting the cadence up I made headway and passed, that was it though, the guy that had started before me was gone. I kept up a decent speed and pushed hard to the end.

My time was 21:44:45, 22.1MPH, 4th in AG, 39th Overall. A new PR, over my old time of 22:08:10, 21.7MPH

Full results from RunFar

Did a "warm-down" lap, which meant I took it easy on the way out, and then lost it and spent the way back passing three guys with pointy cycling helmets... yeah, they were probably warming down too.

Next up: Dentists, 5k run tonight, Saturday Austin 70.3 course ride; Sunday Austin triathletes open water swim
Tags: cycling, runfar, time trials, training
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