Full Moon Saturday

It's full moon Saturday, which came around quickly. That means Full Moon Yoga at 7pm at 'Ridge Oak Drive Scenic Overlook, 4400 Ridge Oak Dr., Austin, 78731 - Bring at mat, or beach towel and an Ommm or two.

Afterwards its head down to Barton Springs for the Full Moon howling. Hopefully this month there will be a full moon before we all get kicked out of the springs. Then theres the midnight bar ride from the Footbridge at Lamar. A whole evenings entertainment for free...
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Oh man! Deadmau5! I have one of his tracks on a Tiesto album... God I love DJ Tiesto. And Armin Van Buuren...
Ella and husband Rich arrive Saturday 27th, and will only be around until Saturday 4th. So a club night on the 3rd might be fun. Would it be worth going back to Sky Lounge on Congress or should we shoot for somewhere else??
In more reasonable news, too bad I have a date Saturday night, all that stuff sounds really fun, but this is going to be like a date-proper and not so much running around to different fun activities. I have heard those midnight bike rides are really fun basically booze cruises from midnight to 5am. Holymoly.

Now you've inspired me to be listening to Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise: 6.
Sky Lounge, Tiesto and all things trancey...
Well, I emailed the Sky Lounge and they have to confirm but apparently Above and Beyond are on on the 3rd October. I was at my friend Gareth Emerys (check him out) house a few weeks ago and he said that had played there before and could get us guestlist, so once its confirmed I will get in contact with him.

As for the Deadmau5 mix, its absolutely awesome I am going to see him here in October, the Emix does remind me of Tiesto circa 2001. Alkaloids, forget ISOS6, get back to ISOS 1,2 and 3 when Tiesto was REALLY good. Used to go and see him DJ in my second home, Gatecrasher in Sheffield, every weekend. ISOS2 is my favourite CD ever. I would also recommend Tiesto's Majik series, again, the earlier the better. I used to know Tiesto, before he became mega, MEGA globally famous :)

I also re-found another trance album series from the Black Hole record label this week - In Trance We Trust, I can highly recommend the Cor Fijnemann one.

Anyway, back to work from Ella (triman's daughter)

Re: Sky Lounge, Tiesto and all things trancey...
I'm so insanely jealous. Thanks for the tips. ;)
Re: Sky Lounge, Tiesto and all things trancey...
Oh, and yeah, ISOS 6 is good, not great, but it has that Imogen Heap song that pretty much just makes me cry. Then a couple other nice tracks, but all in all it's def not my favorite, but one that I've got in heavy rotation at the moment.
And in terms of Gareth Emery...
You may have heard of him as he is more famous in the Americas and Europe than his homelands of the UK, but here is a link to his Emix...


thought you guys might be interested in this...

check out 11th september?
Ella x