Womens Olympic triathlon viewing Sunday

As far as I can work out I've got all the bases covered, 7 TV channels, 4 in HD plus a broadband Internet Connection with all the software preloaded, tested and ready to go and connected to a 42 LCD TV.

The race starts at 9pm central Sunday, and should be a great race between the Americans, including Julie Swale who I know, and the Brits, strangely I don't know. Firm favorite though has to be Vanessa Fernandez from Portugal.

If you'd like to watch it live, feel free to come along. The race will be over by 11pm most likely and should be a real spectacle given the locations.

Email me if you need directions and an address, or post here and I'll change this to friends only.

wish i could join you! i've missed pretty much everything so far!
don't forget Mariana O'Hata from Brazil and Nicola Spirig from Switzerland-- go teamTBB!!!
O'Hata was out in front on the bike in a loan breakaway for a while, brave but never got her anywhere. Spirig did well to stay in the main pack and finished well, but no schwagg.
Not so good, along with the Brits... I should have guessed the Ausies would do well, they always pull it out at the Olympics.

Been watching any of the sailing? Not tempted to do 2012 ;-)
So sad Fluffy DNF'd.

As an aside, I met Debbie Tanner at ITU Worlds in 2001 and she's superdupercute. Totally my type. Random aside, she's a top 10 Olympian, so I suppose can now be my celebrity crush.

I'm very tempted to get on the water. It would suck my life, my money, my career, my friendships... but it's so tempting.