Austin 70.3 ride and try-out

Well there was only me and (insert name here) from the regular crowd, everyone else had decided to do a shorter ride ahead of Sundays Austin Triathletes open water swim. However, about 12-people were there, including seven who'd driven up from Huston!

We all set off around the same time, me and (insert name here) had agreed to pace each other around the course non-stop, and then run 6-miles afterwards. The ride went pretty well, we stopped at a couple of lights, briefly for bike adjustments, and I have to say she's a strong rider. We got around in 3-hours 4-minutes according to my replacement Garmin 305, but had 5-minutes stopped time. So that made it 19MPH for the 56.7-mile ride. It's definitely a slower, harder course than last year.

When I got back to the car and off the bike, the outside of my left foot was cramping/painful, I could barely stand. After a long "T2" putting the bikes in the cars, refuelling etc. we set out on the run. The pain eased a little, and I got further than I have so far this year, just over 5k, but just at the crest of Bluebuff Rd where you can look down for a mile or so, I just didn't have the will to do it and dropped off to the side of the road and sat in the shade.

(insert name here) ran down to the turnaround and caught up with me by the time I'd walked back to Decker Ln and Bluebuff. We walked togther mostly back to the car, jogging the last half mile.

So thats that. No Austin 70.3 for me this year. Sure, I could try again next week and maybe I'd do the 6-mile run, maybe I wouldn't. But sometime this week general entry is likely to close, and it will be a waste of $200 if I can't run it the whole way and finish in a sub-6hr time I can be proud of.

Yes, I could finish. But after 9-years of triathlon, it's not about finishing anymore. It's about pride in a result from a good race. So, I've signed up for the TXTRI 08 State Championship at Canyon Lake on October 18th, and will be doing my best to improve on my lowly 51st place Ranking in the USAT Soutwest Region.

I will be out again this coming Saturday, August 23rd, but not the 30th since I'm doing the Nike 10k that w/e. Why not come along!