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Austin Triathletes Open Water Swim, 3rd again!

I did Full Moon Yoga Saturday evening, but skipped out on Barton Springs as you couldn't see the Sunset, or the moon it was just too overcast. I decided instead to go home and watch the womens marathon.

Sunday morning I was up and out and Mansfield Damn to help organise/manage registration for the swim. Just a few mins before the start I stripped off, got my number written on my arm by Maggie and went down to the start. I wasn't sure how it was going to go, lined up towards the back of the deep water start. It was staggering to see how far the water level had dropped. To get in the water we had to walk nearly a hundred feet from the ramp and some 12-15 feet down from where I'd stood for 2-hours earlier in the year helping people out of the water.

On the way out I had trouble find the right swim style from my toolbag of three, but settled into the long slow rolling stroke. I made the turnaound without problems, 22-mins something. At this point I figured the swim would be quicker on the way back, but it wasn't, I came out of the water in a somewhat disappointing 46:09.10. Good enough for 3rd place in the 5-deep 50-59 category, but way off local nemesis David Sings 33:49. In almost ever race this year, except The Rookie Triathlon I've finished behind the demure Sing, the only good news is next year he ages up! I was 41st out of 79 overall.

anetmarie also got third in her cat, as did Patrick and Philip from the Austin Triathlon meetup group. The Huston folks that had come up for the Saturday ride also cleaned up on some awards and schwagg and so no doubt, left happy bunnies.

Next up: GuppieMax unofficial swim tonight at Hippie Hollow. If you want to car share and save on entry fees email me; Tuesday Pure Austin Splash and dash, don't forget to sign-up online before the race. Wednesday early ride; Thursday evening Deep Eddy run and swim; Friday day off. Saturday Austin 70.3 ride and brick. 
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