peru, 2008

Mens Olympic Triathlon

I meant to post on trigeeks originally and not x-post, so I've moved it behind an lj-cut here.

Starts  at 10pm Eastern tonight.
As far as I can tell will only be broadcast live on the net, same as the womens race. You'll need to install Microsoft Silverlight before you can watch, so don't leave it until the last minute. If you've already been watching video from then you are all set. The race should be done by 11:48pm Eastern based on the Womens times last night.

Hopefully the Mens race will be a bit more exciting and a small group will get out front on the bike and force the rest of the field to chase, otherwise it will be and and some waiting through the swim and bike sections for the race to really start when they go out on the run. My favorites: Gomez of Spain fantastic form this year, maybe Tim Don, but more likely Brownlee if he can rise to the occasion; for the US Matt Reed has been on great form, not sure what to make of Wheaties boy Hunter Kemper but you can't fault him; and you can never underestimate the NZ treo of Docherty, Gemmel and Reid, with Docherty likely to come out on top.

Anyone from Austin that wants to come around and watch it on the big LCD screen is welcome, contact via email or LJTXT msg for details and directions.