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August Splash and Dash

Had a great race tonight, as usual I started to the left of the field for the swim, holding onto the dock; as usual you have to ask why people self seed themselves so high, this time some guy flipped on to his back and started backstroking just before the first bouy, WTF!

One thing I rediscovered during Sundays Open Water Swim was my long stroke I have three distinctly different swim strokes, theres the flat in the water, super tanker stroke. This is my 100m/200m in a pool stroke. It's my fastest, Martin Treasure swimming in my lane once described me as swimming with a super tanker. The problem with this stroke is I can't keep it up.

Then theres the roll. I roll easily from side to side, at 6ft and 200lbs, the more I can get out of the water the less resistance, the easier the swim. I imagine I'm moving up a greased telegraph poll and both roll around it and use a long pull up it. In principle this should be my best stroke, but I've never managed a fast time.

Finally, theres my long slow swim. I've really been able to get this back since I've been in Austin, but it came together after the turn on Sunday, and I had it for most of the race. Sadly though, my swim time was completely identical as last time or will be in the official results. 12:34.64 for the swim, 28.69 for T1, giving 13:03 as I went out of transition. What was interesting/fun today, was that I was clear out in front of the 2nd pack, it felt good, next to me was Michelle from Jack and Adams, previously I'd caught her in transition, but today I was out of the water first.

Out on the run Michelle passed me within the first quarter lap. I pushed on though and passed many more people than I was passed by, and finally finished gasping for air. 16:25:27 for the run. Total unofficial time of 29:28.60 which is 8-seconds faster than last time, all coming on the run!

After the race I went and got back in the water to cool down for a while, and ended up talking to my nemesis, David Sing. In every race we've been in together since I got to Austin, David has not just beaten me, but left me standing. We sat in the water and talked so long, we missed the results and prize giving completely. I'm delighted to confirm, as I ribbed David, that he's aging up next year and will be racing in the 55-59 Age group ;-)
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