Interesting Olympic things

Watched both the triathlons live, generally the mens race was more interesting than the womens as a couple of guys got out front on the bike and tried to make a race of it, plus mojojoey's future boyfriend/superman, made a sprint at the end to win. However, for 4-hours of watching it was really dull as ditch water. Personally I think it would be better if they made it into an individual time trial. Each competitor does the whole triathlon alone, no drafting. Sure, it would take a bit longer, but they could start the swim in open water in 6-lanes, kinda like the rowing, then out on the bike they have to observe IM distance non-drafting rules, if they break them they get to put two feet down before a restart, and on the run it's a free for all, remembering that time is the important thing, not place, since you'll be racing people in other starts.

Swimming that the US didn't see
The Womens 10km swim was very interesting, and great times. Yeah Phelps is "da man". But really, as a triathlete, the open water swim for the women was much more interesting. Not withstanding that two GB women lead for most of the race, only to get beaten in the last 750m by the Russian. The Mens race is Wednesday evening US time, early Thursday in China.

The bike racing that you can't understand - before its gone, set aside 3-hours and watch the Womens and Mens solo and team Madison and pursuit racing. Bizzare at worst, lightening fast at best. During the pursuits, some of the men were averaging 44MPH on loops of the indoor track. Meanwhile in a quite a few of the races they come to a complete standstill, often for 10-30 seconds before shooting off around the banks. Then theres the Mens team Madison final. I have no idea, but the catapult thing looked fun.

The Best and worst of losing
Anyone who saw the Womens 100m Hurdles couldn't have done anything other than feel sorry for American Lolo Jones, she powered through the field with just 2-hurdles to go was clear for the gold. She clipped the next hurdle, recovered to clear the last one, crossed the line in 4th or 5th, fell to the ground and then sat on her knees pounding the ground. She'd blown it and she knew it.

A few minutes later and she was up in front of the ubiquitous dumb question asker for NBC. He said something to the effect "tell us how you are feeling now?". In her response she was clear, articulate and graceful. She didn't make any excuses and just said she wasn't up to it on the day.

5-minutes later there was a long shot of her leaning on the wall in the tunnel, all alone, sobbing her heart out. What a great competitor, hopefully she'll come back and win the worlds or get some other award.

Sanya Richards, UT Graduate. Bejelwed in a massive diamond ring, wearing some form of air cheating arm warmers and support stockings, she clearly went out too fast and couldn't hold her pace. In her interview afterwards she started by blaming cramps in the home straight. On the replays though they showed the whole home straight in slo-mo and she didn't flinch or otherwise indicate anything other than she'd just blown. She said "coming off the turn I knew the gold was mine". She finished 3rd. Shame.
I watched that race and interview with Lolo. That is an athlete I truly respect. I hope she is able to come back for 2012.
The triathlons were much more interesting when they showed them on USA the next mornings with commentary. It was a little weird watching them live without any kind of commentary.

I commented on an entry on mojojoey's LJ that her future boyfriend's white trisuit was somewhat unfortunate...

I watched some of the open water swimming. Wow. I can't imagine doing that! 10k! Crazy!

Richard's excuse baffled me. When I get a cramp, I'm down. She just clearly went out too fast. I agree Lolo Jones handled that interview very well. How frustrating for her. :(