triman (triman) wrote,

Olympic emotional rollercoaster - trisport meme

Not, not the sport, not the athletes, but the Coke Cola commercial. Honest.

Spured on by trisport meme, here - I felt compelled to write this. The meme was if you could bring any TV show back for 0ne more episode what would it be? At that moment, the Coke advert for the special Olympics came on, the perfect storm. The year I volunteered with KKW at the Special Olympics, my marriage broke up. Six Feet Under, which in recent times, has been my favorite TV Show. It ended in a way that the show could never be bought back. You can see the last 10-minutes of the show, of course, on YouTube.

The ending sequence contains the following scene between two of the main characters, brother and sister, David and Claire as Claire leaves the family home and business in California to go to school in NY.

Claire: "I have no idea how to do this"
David: "Just say goodbye"
[Claire and David hug]
David: "just say I love you..... I'll miss you"
Claire[crying]: "Oh god I'm going to miss you so much"
Claire[Brushes David forehead]: "Be happy..."
David: "I am"

after other family goodbyes, Claire gets in her car and drives off, queue music, Sia's Breathe Me.

The same music they use for the Coke special olympics commercial. So when the Coke commercial plays it brings back the memories, the hairs on my neck stand on end, I wish I could have had the David and Claire discussion farewell with my ex-wife Wendy, but it could never have happened, so if I could bring back one episode, it would be my own, that day I left.

ps. Is there anything that isn't on YouTube?
Tags: divorce, sia, six feet under, wendy, youtube
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