Olympic emotional rollercoaster - trisport meme

Not, not the sport, not the athletes, but the Coke Cola commercial. Honest.

Spured on by trisport meme, here - I felt compelled to write this. The meme was if you could bring any TV show back for 0ne more episode what would it be? At that moment, the Coke advert for the special Olympics came on, the perfect storm. The year I volunteered with KKW at the Special Olympics, my marriage broke up. Six Feet Under, which in recent times, has been my favorite TV Show. It ended in a way that the show could never be bought back. You can see the last 10-minutes of the show, of course, on YouTube.

The ending sequence contains the following scene between two of the main characters, brother and sister, David and Claire as Claire leaves the family home and business in California to go to school in NY.

Claire: "I have no idea how to do this"
David: "Just say goodbye"
[Claire and David hug]
David: "just say I love you..... I'll miss you"
Claire[crying]: "Oh god I'm going to miss you so much"
Claire[Brushes David forehead]: "Be happy..."
David: "I am"

after other family goodbyes, Claire gets in her car and drives off, queue music, Sia's Breathe Me.

The same music they use for the Coke special olympics commercial. So when the Coke commercial plays it brings back the memories, the hairs on my neck stand on end, I wish I could have had the David and Claire discussion farewell with my ex-wife Wendy, but it could never have happened, so if I could bring back one episode, it would be my own, that day I left.

ps. Is there anything that isn't on YouTube?
THAT's where that song is from. I see that commercial and they sample it in that kind of weird way and I couldn't place it but knew I had and loved it. Now to find which album of mine it's on (sadly not on my work computer).

And that's a pretty solid goodbye. I liked the first season or so of the show but never quite got into it, probably for availability issues.
your response suggests the version you are looking for is the Milo remix. It was on a few house mix albums, I'm not at home and am on my phone, so can't see what I've got that track on.

The Coke commercial though is pretty much the first 12-bars, of the unremixed, downtempo original which appeared on a few chillout albums, notably Café del Mar 18 I think, well before HBO Used it.

I'll see when I get home what I've got it on.
Well I'm fairly certain that the one I have is the one in the YouTube video you linked. I can even hum the next few bars of the next song, and really miss that the next song doesn't mix into it. What were they thinking? ;)

Yeah, though, I have this other song of hers, "Pictures", on MoS Chillout Sessions 10, which I'm a fan of...
Ahh... I checked, I have the down tempo version on Hed Kandi Winter Chill 06.04,

Then I have the Mylo remix as an mp3 on its own. No idea where it came from, I do like it for a remix though, you can hear it on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da88uC3r-HA

Interesting in that there were two remixes included on the original Colour the Small One cd, neither of which was Mylo's.

and of course I have the Six Feet Under Soundtrak - Everything Ends Vol2.

You can get both versions from amazon.com MP3 downloads. http://www.amazon.com/Breathe-Me-Mylo-Remix/dp/B000SZERWE

Edited at 2008-08-23 10:20 pm (UTC)
Sweet. It's probably the Winter Chill 04. I actually was listening to that CD last night. Funny...

And I'd get the mp3's from the same place I get all my music... Waffles... =)
So yes, I have that Hed Kandi album and I also have the Mylo remix on a MoS Chillout Classics CD...
best not mention MOS to Ella if you see her whiel she's here, Gratecrasher sold out to them and they bought out sub substandard mix cds as a result... ;-)
Yeah I won't. ;) I know that they're not respected at all and like the epitomy of cheesy-touristy, but oh well. I like it. =)
Ah, they have their place in the world. I dont think I even realised the Crasher/MoS link.

The MoS CDs from the 90's are ace though! The Annual 1996 is one of my fave CDs ever!
A rollercoaster indeed
"the hairs on my neck stand on end' sums it up. Stunning show, and a powerful and tear-jerking finale.
Re: A rollercoaster indeed
How come you hadn't seen it until now, just didn't have time?
wow, what a coincidence!!
I haven't been reading/posting on LJ lately, but for the past few weeks, I HAVE been watching my entire SFU boxed set on my relatively new gigantic LCD TV- in order, along with the "special features". I watched the finale (for the 1,000th time, I think) Saturday evening. I don't cry anymore when I watch it but rather, I just keep repeating one word: "brilliant"

What a bittersweet tie-in to your life. Now I'll have to look for the Coke commercial so I can cry again when I hear the song..