Austin 70.3 definately not - no excuses

So last week I failed to do the 6-mile run after the 70.3 bike course and decided not to enter. Last week we were 3:07 for the course, and when Lisa and I got back to the car, my left foot hurt so badly I could hardly walk. No idea what the problem was, asides from the cramp it seemed to be. I tried to run it off, but only managed 3-miles.

Today, Lisa, Cathy, Drew and I set off to do a no wait, ride, Patrick and the rest of the meet-up group followed along. We got round the course without incident, stopped twice at lights, and took a quick break at the gas station in Webberville to get some water. We got back to the car in 2:54:02. Subtract maybe 4-mins for the lights, which makes in 2:50 not counting the dead-time at the store in Webberville. [Last years actual Longhorn bike course was 2:47 for me.]

Thats more or less as fast as I think I can do this course. I drafted off Lisa a few times, and vice versa. Obviously none of that during the race. But then in a race add the adrenalin and focus. Back at the car I felt fine, no cramps, no aching, no bloating. We went out to do the 6-mile run, Lisa and Drew soon dropped us, after a short while Cathy was disappearing down Blue Bluff ahead of me. I got a bit further than last week and then blew up, feeling exactly the same. The pain in my knees, the lack of drive, so thats it. Definitely no 70.3 race for me this year.

I won't be riding the course next week, I'll be doing the Austin Triathletes Expo at the Austin Triathlon, come see us. Then in the evening I'm doing the Nike 10k, I won't call it the Human race, as I worked on the crew for the original one. I'll be wearing my shorts for the race. I don't think I've got a Human Race t-shirt though. John want to send me one ??

So I think my season is going to go like this:

Nike 10k
Volunteer at Austin Triathlon
Volunteer at Austin 70.3
Texas State Championships at Canyon Lake
Volunteer at IM Arizona
{If things have settled down at work] Sign-up for IM Arizona 2009 [Must do one IM branded race before my knees give up, which I think are starting to go...]