triman (triman) wrote,

Austin Nike 10k aka the not original Human Race

Is it just me, or is the web site for the Nike 10k totally difficult to find information?

I'm doing it as a proper 10k, my friend Cassidy is hoping to jog/walk it. So, I was trying to work out registration, bag drops and Cassidy is concerned about Cut-off times. In the online registration confirmation there is only one link, the Austin FAQ. In that it specifically says "Can I pick up my packet on race day? - No, you must pick up your race packet at one of the packet pickup locations above. Due to the bib assignments being printed on the shirts, we are unable to accommodate race day packet pickup."

It also says "Where can I pick up my race packet? - We have designated locations and times for packet pick up.Click Here for more details." and if you click here, it says "Yes, there will be registration at packet pick up and race day, but the savvy runners will sign up before this event sells out. You won’t want to miss this event!"

So can I or can't I do packet picket on race day? I guess probably better not. Since you have to wear your race t-shirt for entry to the event, and the concert afterwards, the good news is its says they'll have a bag drop and a Bike coral. After all they are telling us not to commute to the event by car, and they can't seriously expect me to stand around in the same sweaty t-shirt for 2-hours at a concert after the event, with 10,000 people all in the same shirt. They are providing secure Bike Corals, nice touch.

So, onto the walking. In the FAQ it says "Please be advised that the roads will be opened at roughly a 18 minute pace. Walkers that are behind this pace will be asked to continue walking on the sidewalk.' Good. It also says "All race participants must complete the course in two hours and 15 minutes (2:15 hrs) after the last runner crosses the start line."  So thats clear then, if you are a slow walker, start at the front and hope that it takes the last person 15-mins to cross the line. D'oh.
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