triman (triman) wrote,

No race day packet pickup for Nike 10k

A late email just confirmed it: "Don’t forget to pick up your packet before the big day, as there will be no race day packet pick-up."

However, the masters of the English language over at Nike still messed it up, who do they have writing this stuff a team of trained monkeys? The email says "Please bring your printable confirmation page with you to 24 Hour Fitness on the dates below to pick up your packet."

I suppose what they actually mean is please print your registration page and bring it with you to packet pick-up. I'll be taking a PDF version of mine over on my PDA, lets see how they deal with that! I must admit, I'm getting kinda less than enthusiastic about the event now, the thought of pictures of 10k of us all dressed in the same shirts as a walking nike ad... but then I guess thats what corporate sponsorship and charity giving is all about.
Tags: austin, nike 10k, races, running
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