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Run far Time Trials

Left the office late, had a nightmare in Austin traffic, rushed to get bike and self ready, and out on to the bike. No real time to warm-up, but went up the road opposite and hit the timing mat flying! I was on big red, and this was my penultimate ride, I'll be around for the next hopefully on Sept 9th, but definitely not Sept. 23rd. Theres a chance I'll miss the 9th as well so I wanted to try to get below 21-mins.

I felt much stronger on the way out, just before the turnaround I got passed by another guy, he wasn't moving that much faster and so I was convinced I'd blast him on the way back, never happened. I had a good ride back, was pushing 34-35MPH at times and after a very nasty and possibly serious discovery that there was an SUV/Trailer combo sat in front of me on the shoulder, since I was on my TT bike and heads down, I nearly ran straight into, only avoided by a last minute swerve on the aerobars, I finished in an official 21:01, 22.8MPH, 4th in Age Group, 26th male and 30th overall.

That was a new PR, 43-seconds up on last time which is a decent improvement. I just managed to keep ahead of Tune, who won her age group, and was still behind whyiron who self admits he hasn't trained and was 15-seconds ahead.
Full results from RunFar

I didn't mess about and went straight back out and did a second lap, which when I got back was disappointed with, 22:36, but given where I started with, actually on reflection I'm pleased with.

Biked into work today, first time in a long time.

Next Up: Bike home, cut lawn tonight, Saturday a.m. illicit Town Lake swim, easy bike of the Austin tri course. DOing the tri, want to come along, get in touch. I'm not racing but takijg along a small training group!
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