Finisher's Medals

Over in trigeeks , ladibug21 asked " What do you do with your finisher's medals and trophies (if you have them, I don't have any trophies. not yet anyway!)?"

Since I can't work out how to post inline graphics in a comment on someone else journal, here is what I do with mine. I have a built-in shelves in my hallway. I gave up the top of one section for a few trophies. KKW did the original effort for me, since then the wheel has gone and I built a wine rack to take it's place.

The Top shelf has my Wildflower poster, finishers medal and program. They included a section on me in the program. On the right is my Team GB kit, team picture from the 2001 World Championships. Below that are most of my finishers medals, along with my two trophys from the Sun Coast Triathlon in FL, I won my category in 2006, and placed in 2005; also is my Rookie 3rd place from this year, my Escape from Alcatraz swim hat and my 2001 UK Aquathlon Championships Masters winners medal.

The next section over has my 1976 HRC Honda motocross Jersey, my team Honda crash helmet and gloves and the finishers certificate and medal from my last ever motocross/enduro race. It was 3-months after my leg came out of a cast after my serious leg break.

In the section over from that are the two books I got from attending IBM's Corporate Technical Recognition Event(CTRE); once when I was appointed a Distinguished Enginner, the first when I was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology.

The section after that has picture of my family back in the UK. It's a regular museum... 
Of course, I live alone, so no one else gets to complain ;-)

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I like it!!!

I need to put some effort into a nice way of displaying my stuff. Maybe I should find that trigeek thread!
Far be it from wanting to seem to hint, but what I'm still missing are any really good action photos. I'm still thinking about doing something with the Kreutz CapTex pictures from this year, but the lighting and colour of the ones of me coming out of transition are just not good enough...
Hey man, if you want me to take pics of you, I'd be *way* happy to do so! Are you doing the triathlon on Monday? I might be hanging with Brenda and her new baby, and I said it'd be fun to take pics while I'm there. If you're racing, I'd totally look for you.
I should be working, not racing transition Monday... I actually wasn't hinting... I'm not racing in Austin again this year. Maybe next year!
that's waay fancier than my display
In my white-wall cheap Bill Milburn front hallway resides black plastic 5 x 7 frames from Michael's containing overpriced race photos from Danskin 2004 till Splash 2005. With a couple of 3M/Freescale Half Marathon certificates & RiverCities and Motive Half Marathon posters thrown in. Oh, and the 5 x 7 from my first half marathon - B-93 Austin Half Marathon Finisher photo complete with medal from 1988. Of course, I haven't lived long enough to eliminate my competition and win an age group award. Good for you having some interesting stuff!