Austin Triathlon - too many to namecheck!

Enjoyed helping out this morning. As I always tell new triathletes, you gotta do transition as a volunteer.

Walked down S 1st at 4:15am, arrived changed into -volunteer t-shirt and headed for transition entrance. Spent the best part of 2-hours checking helmets, wrist bands and shouting sprint to the right, olympic straight ahead. Then I went and cleared out the Olympic transition area, followed by the sprint. There were a surprising number of people who hadn't checked their  bikes the day before. They were either useless at following instructions or it was a cynical attempt to bypass the rules.

Almost the best part of working transition is the silence and emptyness between the start and the first swimmers back in. I took my camera meaning to take some pictures but forgot. After seeing most of the Olympic competitors out on the bike, and quite a few of the open wave including alkaloids  back in, I set off for the dismount line. This is possibly the most difficult and dangerous place for a volunteer at a triathlon, you get all sorts. The slick dismounters like me, one foot down and sprint; the emergency stop crew, stop right on the line including a skid, then try to unclip, the dismount before the liners, don't come to a stop about 5ft from the line and try to unclip both feet at the same time, often followed by a fall over; and then there are the "I don't need to dismount crowd" and if these meeting anything but the slick dismounters, it often results in crashes, and people falling into the volunteers. I had my cow bell to attract attenion and stood around on the line until things calmed down.

After that it was off to the finish line for 30-mins or so to remove chips and tell people "well done". After that I was done. Well done to Tune, Guin, Anik, Drew, Lisa, Cathy, Gene and many others! Lunch afterwards to disect Tunes race, bed and then blogposting.

I hear your pain and annoyance with the bikers skidding in and sometimes into everything and everyone. I was amazed last year at Pacific Grove that there weren't more casualties. I personally hate my clips and have gone back using regular bike pedals until my brain communicates better to my ankles to unclip faster! LOL! I hate that 'fall over' thing! My right shoulder has taken one hit too many with not being able to unclip fast enough.

Even though I don't do triathlons I do ride my bike with some who does. Nice work out. Helps with my conditioning for equine endurance_riding. Speaking of which I had three mountain bikers come crashing down a 57% grade today and my horse standing to meet the challenge. Was a bit scary. The other rider's horse on the other hand side winded and just about dropped off the side of the mountain. I asked the bikers what they were thinking. They said they had no idea it would bother a horse! *eyeroll* My horse reared up a bit and they went around her. She is 16 hands and can rear up about 15 feet! Hmmm...maybe a bike with clips is safer! LOL!

Glad you had a fairly good volunteer experience. And I like the cow bell idea! Haven't ever seen that at a triathlon. Maybe I should wear one out on the 12 mile trail I ride around Sly Park Lake.

Take care...hey, did you ever get to San Jose and hook up with Les?
Re: Clips
I must admit, horses mostly look unflappable when you pass them, its easy to forget they are animals and can be easily spooked!

Actually the bike dismount is very simple, its frustrating that people spend days and days practicing swimming in pools, cycling etc. and don't give any real though to doing things like mounts and dismounts. It only takes 30-mins of practice to last a lifetime. No, I don't expect everyone to brave the one foot drop, barefoot run without stopping but they should all be able to stop safely before the line and keep moving so they don't get tail-ended.

Yeah I was out to San Jose, wanted to hook-up with Les, especially as there was a pretty famous DJ in town, but never made it. Will likely be back in town a few times for the rest of the year, and hopefully not so rushed as at the moment.
I need to do transition one of these days. I actually really like swim-exit, you get to see people in a pretty wrecked state... =)

I need to decide what I'm gonna work at Longhorn. Hmmm...