Austin 70.3 Ride - 6th/13th/20th September

Mostly, I'd say here is the schedule for the final Austin 70.3 training rides.

The plan is to do the normal course this week, starting 7.30am, again as a non-stop ride.

I'm thinking about doing the Great Floridian, which is a half/IM race at the same time, and doing the IM distance as an AquaBike, or as they have it, an Aqua Velo. It's the full 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike but no run. To see how I'd do, since I've really only done one sort-of century ride this year, I'm planning to do the 70.3 ride steady on the 13th twice, with probably a couple of stops, once in Webberville on the 1st lap, and once in Elgin on the 2nd lap. So, you can either suffer through both laps, or just go out steady on the first lap and finish hard. Race ready!

Details of meeting location, directions, route etc. See past blog post entries.

I won't be around on the 20th of September, the meetup group may ride then, but the following week, 27th of September, is really too late to do a course ride, it should be the start of a taper/light week. I may ride on the 27th, and even the day before the race just for my own fitness and especially if I'm going to do the Great Floridian at either half or full distance.

Not sure if you were still at the dismount line or not. I vaguely remember a cowbell when I was coming in, but I was so ready to be off the bike I wasnt too aware of much else. Thanks for the advice. That tri at Canyon Lake sounds fun. I want to do another one this year for sure.
Well if there was a cowbell, that was me. It's much easier to ring that vigorously for 2-hours than stand there shouting dismount!