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Austin Triathletes President, Joey Trimmer, posted a blog entry on RickRolling and how he didn't get it. I made a couple of small mistakes in my reply, and can't edit them, so for your enjoyment, here it is with a link to Joeys blog.

I don't know how popular he was over here in the US, but back in the UK he was huge... nowdays apart from being a cult hero Rick was seen as the King of Naff... no one would admit to watching it, or listening to the song these days, so the idea is to trick them into it, especially so other people can hear. This associates you with being a loser who likes 1980's Rick Astley songs. Strange thing is, you can't help but like the songs, they have a certain feel good factor. None of the websites explain why its either a so funny when someone has this done to them, or b. Why Astley...

My favorite example is this one (no this isn't Rickrolling since I told you) on YouTube, the baby obviously gets Rick! MY favorite explanation is this one from the Australian Fox News Channel.

Of course, if Rick wasn't big in the US, you can but wonder why so many Americans are into Rickrolling. Still after 20-some odd years they still don't understand soccer either ;-)

Tags: austin triathletes, rickrolling
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