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There's a Mau5 in the house!

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Deadmau5Just in case you have insomnia, or alternatively want to burn off a late dinner, tonight sees the arrival of Deadmau5 in Austin for just one night and Friday in Houston. You know when somethings just right, when you can connect eldest daughter and one of your Austin friends and all get excited about the same thing. Well it turns out one of the faves of the rave crowd is in town tonight at Sky Lounge on Congress.

Yep, the man with the red head, Joel Zimmerman from Ontario, Canada will be spinning around later this evening. He has taken the Trance and House festival crowds to new limits in this summers European tour. His new album Random Album Title was released on September 2nd, include Faxing Berlin, already a club hit, and should be available stateside soon. His US collaboration with Kaskade, “Move for Me,” reached number one on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart last week.

I first came across Deadmau5(yes it’s pronounced dead-mouse) on Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise 6 back in 2007 which included Arguru by Deadmau5 as well as the haunting club version of Hide And Seek by Imogen Heap and Fall to Pieces by Jonas Steur.

I know most music connaseurs in Austin won’t get the trance vibe, but if you were from the 70’s funk or disco, the 80’s electro-func, or 90’s house and trance generations, tonight shouldn’t disappoint. For those not prepared to brave the early morning hours, check-out this YouTube video from the main stage at this years Main Stage Ultra Music Festival. Pure Mau5sness
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