triman (triman) wrote,

Brits win abroad..., thoughts on Windsor

Just wrap up on the w/e race. I had a storming swim at Windsor, top-10(sequentially) out of the water and the rest of the race was great fun but I went backwards..

AJ won the mens elite race at Windsor, looking majestic. Julie Dibens continues to improve with every race and is starting to look great, Julie won the womens race. Other notes of interest, for a long distance athlete, Spencer looked great coming in and out of transition.

Over in Bellingham for the last USA Triathlon Olympic trial, most injured triathlete, Victor Plata got the 3rd mens slot at the Olmpics in a race won by Hunter Kemper with Andy Potts 2nd. Little known Susan Williams got the 3rd womens slot coming 3rd in tha race.

Great Britain’s latest mercenary Liz Blatchford won the women’s elite race (2:06.36)... Unfortunaly Julie Swail came 7th. So, from the US elite squad I got Andy Potts right but didn't get a womens qualifier right. Shame.
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