triman (triman) wrote,

Longhorn short course practice

If anyone's reading that wants to come along and do some practice at the site of next w/e's Longhorn Austin 70.3 race, tomorrow morning at 7.15am at the entrance to Decker Park.

A few of us are going to meet-up, find somewhere safe to do a 30-40 swim, do some transition practice, go do the Danskin/Couples bike course once or twice, and then maybe do an easy run.

Feel free to come along, none of it will be race pace or race distance, if you are a first timer for Longhorn I'll show you where transition will be, we can look at mount dismount strategies for the bike, and you can have a go in the lake to see what you'll do come race day. We can look at sighting techniques for the swim and anything else you are interested in.

I'll be biking over from downtown, so maybe a few minutes late, especially as it will be dark when I leave.

NOTE: Meet-up is on the grass verge next to the entrance, not where we were meeting for the bike course rides!
Tags: austin 70.3, longhorn
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