Longhorn shortcourse training morning

I'm way behind on training reports, life has taken over. So I'll skip most, except to note that last Saturdays Longhorn "shortcourse" training was a fun outing. I left the house in the dark on my training bike, currently undergoing a maintenance refit down at ATC. I wasn't sure how long the ride up to MLK and then out to Decker Lake would take, I'd never driven that way before and the last time I rode out there, was via 290 and the airport, a much longer route.

As it was I was there just after 7am. @Tune was already there and before long we were joined by patriathlete and then Michelle and Lisa. I was expecting a queit weekend up at the lake, too close to the race for their to be anyone out doing the bike course, apparently not, there were a few. However, the park was packed for a High School Cross-country track meet. We found a corner of the lake, I guess the S East corner which had "no wake" bouys. We swam for 30+ mins. Tune and  Patriathlete both did well.

Afterwards we went and did T1/T2 practice. Tune had been ribbing me for months that I should show her, and I finally caved. Given the success of the session, I'm going to run a full blown Transition workshop in the new year, rent some proper racking etc. After a short discussion about transition, the objectives, imperitives etc. I did two full  run throughs of T1 with running mounts, and T2 with running dismounts. Then, one by one Tune, Lisa and Michelle all managed the same thing, not once but twice. It was pretty rewarding to watch them.

After that, we went out to ride the Danskin/Couples bike course. Rather than just go and ride it though, Tune, Lisa and I lined our bikes up, walked back to the corner of the street and on "go" sprinted, did racing mounts and sprinted off down Decker Lake Rd. After about 7-miles, Tune and Lisa had left me in their dust. Lisa is looking good for an AG place at the Longhorn, and if Tune can hold it together on the swim at the US Open in Dallas, she's looking good for a place.

MY training, as it has all year, been very hit and miss. I go from having a great ride or run, to having a disaster of a swim or run. I'm really not sure what to do with the rest of my season yet.  After the end of the ride, I took an easy ride home, making a 52-mile round trip.

Next up: Sunday I'll be volunteering at the 70.3 race;  Saturday 11th I'm doing the skirt chaser 5k; Saturday 18th the TX State Championships, Olympic Distance; 25th October I may race in Flroida either HIM or IM Aquabike or the Sun Coast Triathlon Sprint. 
Stop being so self-depricating. You obviously were going easy on the bike and failed to mention that you had been globe-trotting for two weeks prior. Plus, I didn't think we were doing a serious ride.
We all could have definitely pushed harder if that were a race.

And the T1/T2 practice was really good. I'm not sure if I'm going to try the bike run holding my saddle just yet. If it's long and straight to the mount line, then I might. I can definitely run much faster that way.

Are you going to still want me to go cheer for you at the TX State Championships even after I whoop your butt at the Skirtchaser. :D LOL! I just can't resist trash talking!
I don't think I could have gone much harder, trust me I was busting a gut to keep ahead of you up that hill, you cycling has come along way, very nice style!

You are right, running with the saddle is faster, but does take more practice. At next years Transitions day, I'll get some cones and get people to run around them holding their bikes!