Now thats what I call geeky

My travels this week have me taking seven(yes 7) flights. So it was inevitable that at some stage I'd open up the SkyMall magazine.

As always there are those gadgets that ya kinda think you'd like until you see the price or think of the clutter in your home(did I say I hate clutter?). There there are those stupid things, the Fishnet & Heels sculptural table comes to mind, just who would order one of those and why?

Then theres the portable laptop desk, I was drinking a glass of water when I turned the page, fortunately nothing got damaged when I sprayed the seat in front as I burst out laughing. I can just see it now, no more lost work time while waiting in security and check-in lines. Who designs this stuff?

Excuse the poor image quality, I used my phone camera to record it. Laugh, I nearly choked.

omg, it looks like...what those guys selling concessions at baseball games wear!
You never know, there may be some poor sap out there who doesn't have a lap.