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Triathlon, you can't compete for the politics!

no-politics[1]Well politics in triathlon is taking a leading role yet again. In the last 2-days I've received three e-mails from people wanting my vote/support in the upcoming re-run USAT elections. It's definitely heating up with the likes of Terry Davis race director of Wildflower and Escape from Alcatraz, both races I hugely enjoyed, invoking both god and country in his e-mail.

Then I got a refreshing e-mail from Dave Ragsdale via Joe and the Florida race Place team to support Dave for Eastern Region in USAT on an age grouper only canvas, and then there is the well argued and entirely consistent Dan Empfield. Gotta do it if you're a USAT member, got to vote, talk to other members, take time to read the ballots... Age groupers forever - Only one problem. Not only don't I live in the US, I've never been a USAT member, whoops.

From there we find that little Gaum are not very happy with the ITU... and they have a good point. The point, succinctly put by J. Francisco Rojas-Benitez is that triathlon is the only sport in the whole Olympic family where the organizing body decide who goes to the Olympics.

Then there are the continued goings on at my own "british triathlon" to use the latest vernacular. Currently going through a re-branding exercise, the association (in old money) continue to seek to grow its staff, with the new positions of Director of Finance & Business Support, Volunteer Programme Development Officer, Leeds High Performance Centre Coach, yet at the same time the web site continues to suffer from problems, outdated and missing material, my favorite failure being "DB Error: connect failed". Speculation has started about the amount of money the BTA is putting into Sarah Springmans push for ITU Presidency, and where that money is coming from, not to mention discussion of the timing in an Olympic year.

All in all when we should be talking about the latest gizmo's and lightweight components the discussions are elsewhere. Against this back drop there is growing disquiet amongst the rank and file over the cost of this years BTA membership, with an increasing number of people declaring they won't join and will race with a day license. This is of course completely the wrong thing to do, it passes money to the BTA with no obligation.

As always, the BTA could go a long to addressing some of these issues by being more transparent, document meetings and publishing accounts which actually tell us what money came in and how they spent it, especially as it relates to BTA Annual memberships,Day licenses not to mention registration and other payments required to compete in World Champs etc., since its really this bit of the BTA that we own as age groupers.

Who knows in breaks between in the HR Role, sorting out the web site, overseeing legal challenges to the Olympic selection policy, perhaps we can look forward to transparent accounts this year produced by the new Finance Director?

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