Yeah, I know I should drive from the inside

I got into Seattle just before midnight last night having flown from Washington DC, after giving a keynote presentation at a conference in the morning. I was pretty worn out and then had to trek up in a elevator, over a walkway, down in another elevator and a long enough walk over to the Hertz #1 Gold Card pick-up.

As mizmizuno  will know, the great thing about Hertz #1, is you just get in the car allocated to you and drive off. Cool. Following my NY/Austin assignments for work, where I drove Hertz cars and only Hertz cars for 3-years, I'm now a Presidents circle member. that used to mean I got some pretty exotic car upgrades for free. Since I passed 50 though, I've been getting the upgrades, but lately I've had two Lincoln Towncars, really not me at all. The last one I changed, it's just not good for my street cred or self-image. So when I got to my car last night, my heart sunk.

There it was, a shiny new Hummer H3. It was now just after midnight. I really didn't have the energy to go find the Hertz desk to swap it over and so just drove off. Forgive me earth for I have sinned. lynnivere  caught me tweeting about this and by special request, wanted a picture.

Here it is, taken with the self timer on my new camera/phone. Style/Class... nah. But hey I had a jacket on for my important meeting at Microsoft Research this morning, nuff said.

May wanna frame that & tag it..
"Most Petrol Used in One Day"