triman (triman) wrote,

Tri Season, Where's it all ending?

Some random thoughts while I'm trapped on the plane.

The last few weeks have played havoc with my training. This week, after biking out to Decker lake twice and back, giving a 78-miles, and a short swim. I've done nothing. The week before I managed one short run, and a bike session. The shoulder problems I've been having have not cleared up. While the built-up running shoe has meant less stress on my body, the fact that I've not trained to a specific program or a specific race, meant I have not done the training I should.

Today I got the email for the TX State Triathlon down at Canyon Lake on the 18th. I'm starting to think that my season should finish as it started, with a DNS. I checked the competitor listing, and my age group, as almost always, is one of the more competitive, older guys with nothing better to do ;-) One of the things about getting old is that it's frustrating to watch your results over the years get slower, even if it's relative to your age group.

While I've had a good season in short distance, both running and tri I've had a few thirds and a second in my age group, my longer distance races have pretty much unraveled in front of me. It started when the bike at the Lone Star half went poorly, I never got to the bottom of that. I had a poor race at CapTex with my first 3+ hour effort in a long time after I went to pieces on the run. The reason I didn't do the Austin 70.3 Longhorn race was I really didn't want another slower time, the same reason I dropped out on the run in 2008. I'm sure I'm not going to get anywhere near my PB/PR of 2:38 at Canyon Lake, if the bike course is anything like last year, it's pretty tough and mostly uphill.

I'm still trying to decide what to do for 2009, with impending work changes,work, I'm afraid that this year my be my last tri-season for a while, and certainly likely to be my last chance for long distance or IM races, as my knees continue to degrade. Before then, I have to decide on Canyon Lake, and then the following w/e in Florida, Sun Coast, Great Floridian Half, Great FLoridian Full Aquabike - not so much.
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