triman (triman) wrote,

Where is IM Going?

Given this weekend is the IM World Championships in Kona(for the last time?), expect a bunch of announcements early next week on all things IM related.

Already since Providence Equity (an investment firm based in Providence, RI) has acquired the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), there have been a few announcements.

1. The WTC has re-acquired the IronKids brand and race series.
2. With partners Avon cosmetics, they've launched the Ironman Signature Fragrance Collection
3. With k-Swiss shoes they are about to launch the K-Ona line of shoes(I kid you not, shoes called k-ona).

So get ready for IM to go mainstream. Far be it for me to say this is good or bad, but it's likely to made it harder to get into races once joe-6-pack and his Soccer Mom start wearing IM shoes and smelling like IM. Come to think of it, who'd want an IM fragrance in a bottle!!

Meanwhile, enjoy IMH this weekend, live streaming on the net as well as text message updates. If you haven't alreday had enough of Greg Welch, and who hasn't? He's already started on the countdown to Kona(K-ona?) here:
Tags: im, ironman, wtc
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