A fitting finale?

I'm not sure what made me do it, but thinking that my ability to run anything more than 10k is coming to an end, I just submitted a lottery entry for next years Ironman Hawaii. There's probably little chance I'll get it, but you never know.

It would be a fitting end to my triathlon career after 10-years. I'll train to do my best and not just to finish. It forces two other decision points, one is IM Arizona. Given where work is at the moment and the fact its a November race in 2009, I won't be volunteering this year or entering for 2009. Two is that means I have to do a 70.3 or IM race between April 15th when the lottery slots are announced and August 31st when it's cut-off. That works fine to go do Florida 70.3 again, and work on improving on my PR at mid-season.

I'll train over the winter on the basis that I'll get the slot, and if I don't, well I'll work out what to do next April. There I wanted focus, now I've got it.


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I hope you get it... if not, consider going to spectate. That race is everything it's billed to be and so much more.