My new bike - Welcome Bob!

So, I bought a new bike, I needed something for the 'hood, crusing downtown etc. Last weekend at the South 1st Art Walk, Southside bikes were doing 25% off, They are also online for $219+tax+shipping. I put the money my parents gave me for my birthday towards it, thanks Mum and Dad!

So here it is, I don't have to explain why it's called Bob, do I? Peggy would approve. It's got an aluminum frame, and so isn't that heavy. It also came with the kick-stand, I paid extra for the lock though. I've used it quite a bit already, this morning I took my laundry down South 1st to Capital Cleaners. It was great to just get it out and ride it, no worrying about pumping the tyres to the correct pressure, wearing some shorts with padding etc. At this price they are a great deal, they have other rasta bikes including womens models! Check out the decals by clicking through to the large version of the picture!

So, John McCain and his wife might have 12-cars, but I have one and yes, now three bikes. You can never have too many bikes can you?
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1 car, 3 bikes here, too.
racing bike, commuter bike, and goofin' around bike similar to the one you have up there.