Skirtchaser 5k Austin

Yesterday morning I went up and signed up at Pure Austin, swam 1500m in Quary Lake. I was delighted, while my shoulder felt tight, I never got any pain from it during or after the swim. The swim was great, the water wasn't cold and the lake was empty. Bliss. Will try to swim again Monday evening before Full Moon Yoga.

After doing a few chores around the house, I set off on Bob the cruiser for the Skirtchaser 5k. The Skirtchaser is the ultimate sexist race and they pump it up. Women go first, followed after 3-minutes by the guys. You can see a video of last years Skirtchaser in Austin on their website.

I tried to go out easier, but it never worked out, my half mile splits were:
7.18, 8.00, 7:57, 8:32, 8:28, 7.54
giving what would have been a PR/PB of 23:06.

Over a minute quicker. Sadly though, thye Garmin only registered 2.88 miles. I checked with another woman at the race, hers registered the same distance. I checked when I uploaded the data and all the data was there, so the course was nearly 1/4 mile short. If I could have kept the average pace up for 3.1 miles, I'd have done 24:48, which would have been the fastest for a few years.

Afterwards I had a few diet sodas, chatted with mstoonces  and Terry for a while. I wanted to leave though and get home and see the finish of IM Hawaii.  On the way out we stopped to talk to Joey Trimyer and Maggi Dolch, just 3-weeks until they race IM Flroida. BEST OF LUCK!

Picture (c) 2008