Ice Bath

I was able to have a lay-in this morning, and biked down to under the Mopac bridge to meetup with the Austin Triathlon meetup group. Only 6-showed up. We rode up the service road alongside Mopac, cut around the back of Barton Creek Mall and out onto R360.

After a while the main group headed off down Bee Caves to go to the end up and come back. Mary hadn't ridden for a while and wanted to just do the course as described, just 26-miles. I rode with her around the course, after getting back to the start point I set off around again, only this time doing South West Parkway, Route-71, Bee Caves and back on R360 through town and home. Total ride 62-miles. I went and did my normal, short brick session.

Back at the house I made a few phones calls, spent a while cleaning my road bike for next weeks TX State Triathlon Championship, since the bike course is 20-miles pretty much climbing, followed by 3-miles downhill and a couple of miles on the flat. No point in taking a tri bike for that.

After that it was upstairs for an Ice bath. Unlike whyiron who provided a picture of him in the bath, which I assume was taken by his wife. Since I live alone, you are spared the site of me in an ice bath. But heres the evidence. Yes, thats an IM Hawaii hat; theres the ice box from the freezer, plus two bags of ice; a copy of this months Austin Monthly magazine; a large mug of hot chocolate and the obligatory long sleeve t-shirt.
No pics of you in the ice bath! *squawking laughter*

Oh well, we can see the reading material.

Perhaps it would be even more interesting to *hear* your ice bath than see it. *lol* Lessen you turn blue, of course.

Glad to know you wore the long sleeves.

btw.. Cool New Bike!
Haha yeah I normally wear a hoodie or even two during my ice baths... Both with hoods on, and probably a beanie as well. It seems to help keep me "comfortable" even though I'm just hurting hurting hurting... Also, wearing a speedo is pretty key, too, I've found...