Swim and disappointment

So I signed for the gym on Saturday, tonight was my first visit as an official member. Shame then that I couldn't get a parking space. I had to walk about a block and half for a parking space. Huh. Given I was short on time, I decided to change in the car, and skip going back to the gym afterwards. Just like not being a gym member really....

Down on the dock, I met one of the guys that I always see at Jack and Adams and their races, not Jack, Adam, Dan or Richard... must ask his name next time. We chatted for a while, turns out he's doing the Texas State Championships at Canyon Lake on Saturday as well. Still had to get on, dived off the pontoon, did three laps of the lake. 13:06, 14:49, 15:05 - the timings is uneven and not taken from exactly the same space.

Shoulder still stiff, but no real pain. Also tired badly on third lap and went off course a bit. Still longest swim since the Austin Triathletes Open Water Swim.

Next up: Tuesday BCNA meeting; Wednesday early run, pm. Betty Sport Happy Hour; Thursday early easy one lap swim, general fitness at gym(hopefully they'll be a parking space); Thursday 3:30 Innotech, Austin Convention Center

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I've never had a problem with parking even during busy hours, so that's kind of weird. Did you swing by the back where there's more spaces? Also, you can't re-enter the gym from the back gate once you go out to the lake. You have to go back through the front door of the building.
Yep, drove around the back, re-did a loop at the front and ended up driving past the bank and parking in the open lot to the west of the club. I was there at 5:55pm. While I was looking the construction guys were still working to the east, by the time I came out, they'd stopped and people hard started parking on the rough ground.

Actually one of the advantages of being tall with long arms, is you can reach over the gate, the one with the sign saying not an entry, and open it. Hopefully this was a one off...
The fact that I ended up changing in the parking lot and going home smelling like pond scum even though I swam at my shiny new gym.