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TX State (Olympic distance) Championships

almost literally.

First up was the Texas State Triathlon, an Olympic distance event. I did it last year after my failure at Longhorn, and was surprised how hard it was as an Olympic distance event. This year I planned it as my season finale, but sadly work got it the way. On Wednesday I flew to the UK for a business meeting Thursday, I stayed with Ella and Rich, and was up early Friday and flew back to Austin. Just under 10,000-miles flying, something like 20-hours sitting in a confined space. The company has banned business class even when you have to fly overnight and have a meeting on the day of arrival.

I was up at 4:45 after just 6-hours sleep, for the drive to Canyon Lake. mstoonces decided to come down and watch, we car-pooled. Down at the race I had to register, and then set-up. It was another low key Seidel productions event. I like Nicks races, they are often small, and the organization isn't overbearing. The race started with the womens wave+Clydesdales+Athenas+relays, then 9-minutes later followed by Men <40 and 3-minutes later our wave, Men >40.

Swim: It was clear that as the sun was coming up, sighting to the first bouy was a problem. The bouy was probably almost 1/2 mile across the lake. Watching the first two waves, they were all over the place. Still, I wouldn't make that mistake. Oh yes I did. About 1/3 of a mile I looked up and the thing I was swimming towards was a boat, not the bouy. I was at least 75m off course. After the turn at the first bouy I paid more attention to my swim stroke, and realised that I was pulling to the right quite a lot, I guess this is a result of favoring my (injured?) left shoulder.

T1/Bike: Out of the water, my feet hurt running into transition from the rough tarmac and small stones, I hobbled into transition, stripped my wetsuit and hobbled out, my running mount went fine although a little slow. I was out on the bike course. I remember from last year that the course wast tough, lots of hills and rough shoulders. I under-remembered, it was almost all uphill, even when you were going downhill, there was an uphill just ahead. About 15-miles in, the small of my back started cramping, it was painful through the rest of the bike but eased onto the run. No doubt, too much cramped sitting over the past 4-days. The bike elavation was 1500ft over 24-miles, it seemed much more.

Dsimount went fine, although a sharp turn within 10ft meant I had to breake hard, I was in and out of T2 in less than 50-seconds and out on the run. I walked the aid station around the two mile mark, and the hill on the second loop. 

I finished as strong as I could, but was disappointed in my time. 3hrs 3mins 38secs. While this was quicker than CapTex earlier in the year, and on a much harder course, it was slower than last years 2:55:06. I retained my 8th place even with a slower time.

Full results for me were:
Overall Place: 91st/162
Age group place: 8th/10
Swim: 33:01(includes short run, slower than 2007), 6th in AG
T1: 1:02.3, 1st in AG
Bike: 1:28:08, 7th in AG(slower than 2007)
T2: 49:02, 3rd in AG
Run: 1:00:37, 9th in AG(slower than 2007)

And so ends my 2008 Triathlon season. A good season for sprint events, but not so good at anything longer. I only attempted two Olympic distance races and finished both in over 3-hours sigh. The new built-up running shoe hasn't given the improvements I'd hoped for. Or have they ??

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