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IBM Uptown 10k - Nearly, really nearly PR'd

After yesterdays triathlon, I didn't have high hopes for todays 10k. Like last year, my plan was just to run it as a recovery race. I started easy, way back, having hung out with Amit, Toon and talked briefly to Lisa, Terry and a bunch of other people. I actually felt good after the first mile and I pushed on, through 4-miles I was going well. Around the back on the IBM campus I slowed down and then as we excited the campus I saw the race clock, 48-mins and change, wahoo, time to try for a PR.

Didn't happen though, I finished in 55:59, my prior PR was 55:16. Much surprised, at the start I hadn't even thought about trying for a PR, frankly if I had, I expect I'd have run out of steam well before I did. My splits were all over the place as usual. I was some 9-minutes faster than last year under the same circumstances, TX Tri the day before.

Overall: 642nd/866
Age Group: 55th/76
Time: 55/76

Tags: ibm 10k, races, running
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