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It's a girl thing...

Well, it looks like its down to the wire for Jodie Swallow and her GB Place in the Olympic triathlon squad. A quick scan of upcoming ITU races reveals that Jodie is down for Salford on the 27th and the August 1st Tiszaujvaros(Hungary) ITU World Cup.

There is a huge womens start list for this years Salford ITU World Cup race, Brit's listed currently include Blatchford, Dillon, Whitcome, Cave, Dibens, Swallow, Forrester, Harrison, Heard, Allen as well as an impressive cast of Internationals including Seear.

Tiszaujvaros has to be Swallows best hope, she will be accompanied on the start line by the rivals for her place Andrea Whitcombe and Leanda cave. Analise Heard is also on the start list. So that makes it show and tell time for Jodie.

Tiszaujvaros has an otherwise undistinguished field, except it contains the entire Australian Olympic triathlon squad including shooting star Maxine Seear. Whoops apocalypse!

Triathlon Canada better be hoping for better weather this weekend for the Cornerbrook ITU race this weekend than it had for Edmonton last w/e. The mens elite race was canceled as the rain that started during the run on the womens race turned into a serious thunder storm and there was even a threat of tornados before the mens race, hence the cancellation.

At least in the womens race the latest of Maws mercenaries Liz Blatchford, made what must have been her first GB performance, and finished a credible 7th ahead of Leanda Cave, who finished a luke warm 12th.

The womens start list for Cornerbrook sees GB "homies" Whitcombe, Heard, Harrison and former club mate, Tanja Allen racing. Tanja recently returned to full distance racing after a difficult year with injuries. She had a resounding overall race win at our local Furzefield sprint distance race and a good although not compelling 4th place in the recent ETU Lausanne ITU Points race.

So, thats a wrap on whats going on, coming next, whats going down. I had breakfast interrupted the other day by BTA Chairman Peter Coulson, who wanted to introduce to me Sarah Springman, ITU President wannabe...

[Salford ITU World Cup Womens Start List]
[Tiszaujvaros(Hungary) ITU World Cup Womens Start List]
[Press release on Edmonton ITU Womens result and mens race cancellation]
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