triman (triman) wrote,

You know you are out running late when...

You get to the water stop under Mopac bridge and there is nobody there at all.

Did a full 10-miles last night, not too much pain although my right knee is a little sore today. Thats almost a full marathon this week for me, and I will do it before the week is out. I know that doesn't compare with most peoples mileage, but given the state of my right leg thats OK by me. I've only run more than 25-miles in a week twice. Once when I walk jogged a a marathon in 5hrs 38-mins, and the other time when I did my last half-marathon. At this rate theres every chance I might even consider myself a runner by Christmas if my knees hold up.(oh yeah 3x really since I did a marathon at the end of the Longest Day(IM distance) Triathlon, but since I walked at least 10-miles, that doesn't count.

In an email KKW expressed support for my running and scolded me for my atitude. She was right ;-) I don't know why I thought my shoe build-up would make me faster, it hasn't. But it has significant reduced the damage and pain I get from my back and knees after the runs.

IN OTHER NEWS - I've been enjoying swimming in open water up at Pure Austin North. I'm meeting up with a few people again on Friday at 5.30pm to swim. If anyone is racing at Iron Star and is a member why not come along. If you are not a member and are racing and would like to come, I have a few guest passes, get in touch via email, or call me and I'll confirm I've still got one and will meet you there!

On the cycling front - I had been hoping to hear from triathletebigo  about starting long slow enduance weekend rides. Out there Oscar? I'd expect we'll be aiming to do 15-16 MPH average, and about between 60-80 miles. If interested, comment here and I'll make sure I let you know when we start!

Something for the weekend: Friday night sees the 3rd Annual Sinsations Erotic Carnival. I've going in my position as an Austin metro blog writer. Otherwise, I have a busy w/e of paperwork to do...
Tags: pure austin, running, shoes, training
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