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Moving the goal posts...

So, I got home tonight to find a race organiser’s letter from Ian Lole at the BTA. The contents of the letter contained some bad news for those of us that think draft races should be restricted, the 2005 National Age group champs will be draft legal as will the Home Nations races. Still, more on that some other time.

What’s interesting is the date for the AGM. According to Ian, its December 12th. Given for the past 4-years, since I've been interested the BTA AGM, it’s always been November, earlier rather than later.

According to the BTA Articles of Association, currently [strangely?] missing from the associations web site, but still available from various Internet archives and caches, Article 5.1 says "The Association shall in November or December of each year hold a General Meeting as its Annual General Meeting in addition to any other meetings in that year, and shall specify the meeting as such in notices calling it;

5.2 At least 8 weeks notice of the Association's Annual General Meeting shall be given to the members;"

So that’s ok then.

It wasn't until I went to put the date in my diary that I smelt a rat!

It turns out that December 5th is the ITU Congress. At the congress there will be elections, just like the BTA AGM. One of the elections will be for the ITU President. At this stage it can be expected to be contested by the incumbent, one Les McDonald</a>, and the BTA Sponsored, ex-GB team triathlete, and still active, Dr Sarah Springman, as previously documented here.

Far be it for me to suggest that current BTA Chairman Peter Coulson intends to stand down at the next BTA AGM. He certainly never mentioned this when I met with him recently. However, this is the only logical conclusion.

After all, surely the BTA wouldn't deliberately manipulate the date of their AGM so that Peter could vote and support Sarah at the ITU Congress on December 5th? If the BTA AGM was in November as usual, there is always the chance that Peter would not get re-elected as Chairman and then couldn’t vote for Sarah! Now, there’s a thought…
[Times article: McDonald: From hero to villain]
[Triathletes-uk reporting on the BTA/Triathlon Council for Europe debacle]
[A View on the 1995 Cancun ITU Congress]
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