My thighs adore you

Well thats a first. I didn't sleep well last night, woke up early, and decided to go on the weekly Saturday ATC ride. Made it down there early, it was coldish and I had my Tri-Force winter cycling jacket on. Memo to self, layers, layers, layers. The Cycling jacket is great when its actually cold. When you end-up cycling in 74f it's not cold and the jacket is too big to do anything with, except wear.

The  pretty large group moved out of town on Barton Springs RD, and out on the Mopac frontage Rd and finally onto South West Parkway. For the first time ever, I managed to stay with the main group, I managed to stay with them until they started going up the hill by the new AMD HQ. Pretty pleased.

Once dropped, I decided that I really need to work on my cycling, and I need to start on hills. On hills it hurts trying to use muscle to haul 200lbs up hill, so instead, I pretty much use gravity, I stand, lean forward and move my core to create a new center line that allows me to pump the pedals which is a kind of jerky movement, rather than a smooth if not painful grind uphill. Well doing the standing thing weather it's because I'm tired I stand, but after standing I'm definately tired. No more.

So for the rest of the ride I sat and span, and I sat, span and sat. It hurt. I'm going to really work on this. Just when I started to think I was going to turn into a runner, after a great week of swimming, 3-sessions, no shoulder pain and the a decent run, I'm a triathlete, not a runner.

From the geekometer, seven of today miles on a hilly ride average over 20MPH, I had miles of 24, 25, 28, 29 MPH. Sweet!

MY slowest mile was the one where 71 meets Beecaves. Not only is that one of the hilliest miles, but I also threw my chain on the start of the climb by spinning too fast as I changed into my small chain ring.

Also from the geekometer, we did 1,245ft up hill, and only 1149ft downhill. I suspect becuase I came a different way back to the house.
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sitting and spinning is where it's at with cycling.