November 24th, 2008

Buddy Du and weekend workout

mstoonces and I kicked ass on Saturday at the Austin Duathletes Buddy Du(athlon). It was an entirely offroad race out at Rocky Hill Ranch. It turned out was pretty damn hard and tricky to ride and run around, with some tough bike sections and 10 intellectual and physical challenges. We were 2nd co-ed team and 6th team overall.

We had to share a bike for the race, and had to wear a crash helmet while riding. Since Toon was the only one with a MTB, we used that. We changed out the pedals for platforms so we could both ride, and both wore crash helmets for the entire race. Toon started on the bike, and we switched after the first obstacle. Some of the obstacles were easier than others, but the course was pretty tough the whole way. Riding Toons bike was ok for me on easy sections, but hopeless on uphills. I had to stand becuase the bike was so small, and then the back wheel just slipped, so I tended to jump off and run up the hill pushing the bike.

I went over the bars on the bike once, its still instinct for me to pull on the right brake to slow the bike, and I know the brakes are the other way around on US and UK bikes, pulled the wrong one and over I went. I was only going slowish and it was loose gravel/dirt and I was trying to make a corner, no harm done. Later while running in the built up shoes I also twisted my right ankle, but again no harm, not withstanding a loud cry when I expected it to hurt, but fortunately it didn't. Toon wasn't so lucky and somewhere around obstacle seven twisted her ankle and it slowly rendered her running too painful. She finished the course on the bike and I ran.

We finished together at 1-hour 8-minutes, which I consider outstanding for a 6.85 mile offroad course. We were only beaten by the President of Austin Duathletes and a femail partner, he stepped in at the last minute so she could race.

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Pictures should show up on Pat Crouch Photography

Sunday I was wrecked, I guess I'd gone extra hard during the race as we were only overtaken by the overall winners, and had overtaken loads. My knees and ankles hurt much more than a normal race. I mostly just eat and slept. :-( Seem fine today though.

Escovado end of year bash and Bonding

After the Buddy Du I had a long day. First up was the start of a hunt for a laptop with Cassidy, preceeded by a late brunch at Curras. After that I just had time to get my freebie do-over car wash and had to go get Bonded.

We went to see James Bond Quantam of Solace with the Brit ex-pat crowd. For fun I wore my tux jacket, white shirt and bow tie, albeit with Jeans. I had the company of a stunning Bond girl for the evening, Olga Virginiawitz. She had on a black sleeveless dress and black highheels. Really, I don't think the Alamo drafthouse had seen anything quite like it for a while. We could see the ex-pats much further down in the line, pretty obvious really, not many others waving a Union Jack. We managed to get seats together which was fun.

After the film was over I had to drop Olga off and run, or so I thought. I had a ticket for the final Alejandro Escovado performance of the year at Atones. It was doors open at 9pm for a 10pm show. I was already wilting though, so I decided on a detour to Whole Foods World HQ for ice cream(sugar....)

I got parked downtown and walked over to Antones, turns out Escovado and band wouldn't be on until 11:30pm. Somehow I knew I wouldn't enjoy it as much now, too tired. That wasn't the case though. Escovdo and the band were on great form, they did most of the numbers from Real Animal including my favorite, Sister Lost Soul. The also did a few pick-up numbers, obvisouly unrehersed, including a reggae number.

Whats great was Escovado was obviously having a good time, sadly as the clock approached 1am they were not finished, but I was.

(Really) Last non-wetsuit swim of the year

 Managed to get over to Pure Austin North around 3pm. Down at the water by 10-after. This was to be my day for 4-laps. I had time, I had the wetsuit. The board said the water temp was (still) 68f. It really wasn't though. Theres no way it was more than 64f.

As normal I tested out the water on the outside of the dock, again it felt cold, but bearable. I suited up, swim hat, goggles, set my clock ran and dived off, and it really took my breath away. As anyone who has tried knows, there is no turning back. If you get out now you'll be cold while you dry off, and if you don't dry off, and mostly even if you do, you can't get your wetsuit on. So nothing for it but to do the swim without the wetsuit. I got around 4-laps without a problem. Water that cold isn't conjusive to fast times, but I cranked out 13:18, 13:07, 13:56, 14:15 for a total of 54:36 for about 2900m or 1.80miles.

I'll take that, I need to work towards being able to do 6-laps at a constant 13-minutes for IM. The only question is if I should still swim there and revert to wearing a wetsuit or switch to swimming in the pool. Decisions, decisions.