New personal moo cards

My new moo cards have arrived, I went for 2-styles this time, you'll recognise both pictures from here on Livejournal.

You can order the moo cards from, they take pictures from as many as you like per pack. You get 100 cards for $20 bucks, so you could do 100 different cards, or you can do a single photo per 100, or something in between. Obviously your personal contact details are on the back and you get to tailor the layout, font, color etc. The cards as as wide as normal business cards, but only half the height. Perfect size to put in the ticket pocket of your jeans etc.

If you are interested in getting your own, post here, email me, or txt me. I have to 20% off codes for online ordering. Thanks to KKW for the great picture of my age group at HIMFL 2006, and to the unknown Peruvian teenager for the picture ontop of Wannupicchu, after the race up this year.
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It's way WAY past time I get some moo cards. Just this weekend, I was reminded. Every time I get asked if I'm a professional photographer, I am reminded. I need some fun cards!!
Thanks. You saved me $7.50! I ordered 200 cards and 2 card holders. :)

I went for about 30 styles.
and for nanyone else reading, I have more codes. They are legit, I'm a good customer ;-)
At a Halloween party, I talked a friend into getting some moo cards. Do you have any codes left? (If so, you can reply here and then delete it. I get replies via email.)

My moo cards aren't in yet, but they should be soon. I'll have to give you one!!