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Obama for President

I so desperately want to vote, I can't imagine living in a country run by John McCain, he seems so false when you listen to him, he is completely bereft of new ideas. I had a hard time putting this into context until I read this endorsement of Obama by Esquire magazine.

I don't mean to offend any Republicans, this isn't about party politics, really how can one vote for this guy for President? Remember, the successful candidate represents America to the rest of the world. There couldn't be a more important time for someone that represents the best America has to offer, and that so isn't John McCain.

Here's what Esquire Magazine had to say "his Republican counterpart is one of the first presidential candidates in history to run as a parody of himself. John McCain has decided on a cheap and dishonorable campaign. He has embraced the tactics with which he was slandered in 2000, and he has hired the people responsible for them. In so doing, he has become something of a mockery of everything he once purported to be. He has stated that he wouldn't now vote for his own immigration bill. He has operated in violation of the very campaign-finance law that bears his name. And even though his own body bears the scars of torture, he has silenced himself on the issue of the torture sanctioned and designed by the government he seeks to lead, so as not to alienate "the base." The most underutilized trope of the campaign is the notion that John McCain is running against John McCain."

"One could be forgiven for thinking that the senator was leading a movement that had been exiled for decades and was now storming back to Washington to save the country from its oppressors. Of course, the truth is that it is the excesses of McCain's own party from which the country needs to be saved. That McCain is now attempting to seize the mantle of "change" for himself is profoundly absurd. And that he expects the American people to swallow it is profoundly insulting. History demands that this election be a referendum on the Bush years, and John McCain has tried desperately to change the subject."
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