triman (triman) wrote,

w/e Traing and IMH backup plan

Great w/e training, started out yesterday morning dragging @mstoonces along to the ATC Saturday ride, managed to stick with the group again until the first uphill on South West Parkway, well pleased. Backed off and waited for Toon, we rode up to the Dry Cleaners on the corner of 71/Bee Caves where we picked up Cynthia and made a ride-for-three along 620,2222,360 and back along Barton Springs. A strong ride all around, finished hard to 360 and Barton Springs giving a full 50-miles.

After that it was a 1.5-mile brick run and ice bath. Just enough time to warm-up before heading up to Pure Austin North and a 3-lap swim around Quarry lake. Shame the social retard had to make a comment on the way out of the changing room at the end, and to think I gave his g/f one of my day passes so she could swim. pssssssssssst - thats the sound of my afternoon being deflated.

I've decided my backup plan in case I don't get a lottery slot for IM Hawaii next year. I think I'm going to take a few weeks(probably 16-days) off in May. Fly to Barcelona and then out to Ibiza, chill out for a few days, go clubbing at Pacha and a few other super clubs, then take a flight to Lanzarote and see if I can get a pick-up slot for IM Lanzarote. If not I'll volunteer, but my first choice would be to race. So that gives me until May 23rd to get ready. Then if I don't get the slot, and don't get in at Lanzarote I'm going back to HIM Florida to PR. and thats my plan. Other than that, I'm going to win my AG at the Rookie. Enough already.

Except, looking at it, maybe my backup plan will be to head out to Perth Australia and do the ITU Long Distance World Championships in October 2009, choices, choices, Will Robinson.

Tags: im, training
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