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October Training Totals

Swimming: 5.96-miles, 1:36:08 - Not as much as I'd like, but a good come back after a summer of niggling shoulder problems
Biking: 159-miles, 11:05;28 - Again, not as high mileage as I need, I'm going to have to start cycling more than once a week if I'm to live up to my IM 2009 aspirations. I need to be at least double this per month,
Running: 53:65, 7:56:05 - officially the most I've run in a single month since I moved to Austin, and probably one of my highest. All I need to do is better this in November with one run of 15-miles and some 10-mile runs.

and so thats it for this month. It's a start, I'm pleased!
Tags: totals, training
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