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Susan Komen for the Cure 5k - enviro day

Oh yeah, I had a very enviro day today. Started out taking Bob the cruiser down to the Komen 5k. Turns out almost every woman I know in Austin Texas was running, well almost. Maggie Dolche who was over in PCB having just completed IM FL in 14:35, I saw Mary, Lisa, Vanya, Toon, Anette Marie and Cassidy+Paula and many others. Well done to all!

Many of them are in the same age group, so looking up the results was easy and they got some great results. Lisa was 22:29 for 5th, Mary 23:41 for 11th, 23:45 for 12th in the F30-34 age group; Tune was 25:32 for 24th from 214 in the 35-39 Age group! I've posted some pictures in this facebook album

After that I walked back home with Toon, who'd parked her car at my house, Vania stopped to say hi as she passed us in the car. Cassidy came by the house to gloat about her first 5k run(Yay!). After that, I emptied the bath of yesterdays ice bath water, to water the lawn and plants; I sat on the front porch for lunch having pasta and chicken marinara leftovers from Thursdays dinner; had a glass of Semillion from a opened bottle while listening to the 2nd hand live music from Polvos. All very enviro... and a great day in the neighborhood!
Tags: austin, life
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